Putting life on hold

A few weeks ago, Times Higher Education—a weekly magazine known for its global university rankings—reached out to me to see if I was willing to share my experience as an international student here in the UK. I wrote a short note outlining some of the reasons why I’m studying social policy and my highlights to date. It looks like it was published yesterday (and apparently picked up by the public relations department at LSE):

…like many of my colleagues, I wanted the London experience while I was still in my twenties. Perhaps this was because I read that many of my fellow Canadians who studied at the LSE went on to make great contributions to society, and I had simply mixed up causation and correlation.

They also wanted to know what I’ve found to be most difficult. For me, this has less to do with the experience itself, and more with the act of “putting life on hold,” back home. I suspect quite a few students struggle with this, especially those who have already started their careers, are a few years older or are in committed relationships (check, check, check). Luckily, having four weeks off around Christmas and another four around Easter makes this a bit more tolerable, but uprooting oneself is still a challenge. Full article here.

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