Frontier College

For about 18 months I’ve been volunteering with a national literacy organization called Frontier CollegeFounded in 1899, the “college” was established to educate migrant labour as the country expanded westward. They would send university students to frontier camps across the land “where they laboured with fellow workers in the daytime and taught them at night. By 1913, these ‘Labourer-Teachers’ taught in boxcars, tents and cabins in almost every province of Canada.”

It was an effort to respond to the dangerous working conditions in labour camps which drew heavily on immigrant labour. The remoteness of the camps meant that workers had no access to education which was traditionally provided by schools and churches. As a result, most workers were caught in a cycle of economic insecurity, often with no exit in sight. You can read the full history if you like, here.

Far from working with miners in the wilderness, I work with students in Halifax’s North End on Gottingen Street. Today, I received a lovely message from the mother of a learner I’ve been tutoring throughout the spring. She improved her math test scores from 45 to 58 to 78 per cent. A great note to end the school year on.

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